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Dr. Princess-O`dilia, PhD

WADL (Ch 38) - 11:00 a.m.

Live Sunday:  December 1, 2013
Marvis Burns,
Author of the book:
Insiders Guide to a Free Ride,
 attained over $500k in College Scholarships shares the secrets to this success and more!

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Helping others Help themselves since 1999

"If you desire CHANGE you must first CELEBRATE in advance while KNOWING that IT IS SO!"
~Dr. Princess-O`dilia

Programs and Services

Calling DIYers

Globally we are TRANSFORMING lives inside and out via our Programs and Services (i.e., Youth Development).  We provide all of the resources and tools that you need to ensure you the opportunity of you reaching your goals and excelling to the limits beyond.   We meet the needs of adults, youth, families, communities, cities, and countries around the world.

Classes & Events

Make it a group thing

Globally we offer Seminars and Workshops that address of that is needed for a complete life TRANSFORMATION - your life's TRUE PURPOSE!  Rather it be for an individual, a corporation, country, or community, our True Purpose Team is here to serve in the process of Mental, Physical, Financial, Business, Community, Life and/or Family Transformation! 

Media Outreach (Radio/TV)

Getting (and staying) fit can be fun

BG Radio and TV Outreach reaches over 1.9 million people (viewers and listeners) each week!  As our vision is to help BILLIONS come to realize their life's TRUE PURPOSE, we aim to Inspire, Educate, Empower, and Entertain our listening and viewing audience.  We provide resources and tools, Celebrity guest, community leaders, and those who simply have a dream!  Join us each week! Radio (The True Purpose Development Show): and TV (Transforming Detroit TV Show):  NEW on WADL as of September 15th @ 4:00 p.m. - Ch 38 + airing in all of Michigan, Toronto, and other parts of Canada!   (Media Page Coming Soon!)

Global Mission

Calling DIYers

In 2010 (Detroit, MI), BG launched the Global World Peace - True Purpose Movement [incl. Global Transformation Tours (Seminars, Workshops, International Speaking);  True Purpose Team (TPT); True Purpose Centers).   The True Purpose Team has a mission to tour around the globe hosting Transformational Tours with a purpose of helping BILLIONS to realize their life's TRUE PURPOSE (living TOTALLY happy and fulfilled in mind, body, soul, financially, and in spirit).  Since 2010, the TPT has traveled to Africa, London and to 7 other States within the U.S.  By 2015, BG will launch over 50 True Purpose Centers around the Globe to fulfill it's mission of dreams fulfilled for BILLIONS.   Contact us  to book a Transformational Tour for your Community, City, State, Country, or Business!

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